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Positive mindset & well-being life coaching

Hello and welcome!

Let me help you transform your life and re-invent your future.

I am so pleased you're here.

Do you want to live a life, fully aligned with your heartfelt dreams and desires? 

To have more self-confidence, clarity and purpose?

Are you lacking in motivation and inspiration?

If you are feeling like you're stuck in a rut, a bit 'meh' and wanting more from life, but not sure what it is you're missing, you are exactly where you need to be.

Tanya Jones - Mindset & Wellbeing Coach
welcomes YOU!

Create a life you love.

Hi there!


My name is Tanya and I am a mindset and wellbeing coach. I work with women who have reached a point in their life where they are feeling 'stuck' or 'lost' and want to discover their true purpose. They might not know exactly what they want, but they do know that there is more to life than just plodding on, going to work and paying bills. 

I help them regain their confidence and develop a positive mindset, enabling them to become aligned with their heartfelt future-self. I can help to improve their self-belief and self-worth, leading to a more balanced, contented state of mind.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, I can help you gain the confidence and courage that you might need to make the changes to re-invent your life.

I want you to feel empowered and motivated, and inspired to take action in achieving your goals and heartfelt desires. Together we can transform your life.

A new world is waiting for you; you just have to grab it with both hands and embrace it!

There is so much more to life, you don't have to make-do and put up with anything that doesn't light you up and make your heart and soul sing!

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My journey...

When the covid pandemic hit in 2020, I felt the same as everyone else - lost, anxious and wondering what the future held. With nothing else to do, I spent a lot of time looking at my life and endless hours scrolling through social media. I stumbled upon various forms of personal development and signed up to goodness knows how many coaching series'.  I learnt so much about myself and what I wanted for me and my family and how I wanted our future to look.

I rediscovered manifestation and the Law Of Attraction and how these can completely transform your life. I started meditating, visualisation and journaling, which all made an incredible difference to me and my mental health. I found myself in a totally different mindset and feeling positive about the future again.

I discovered that we have the power to create our dream life. Life isn't supposed to be a struggle or daily grind. We should wake up everyday and feel excited about what lies in store for us. We should look forward to the future and live the life of our dreams. And dream big! 

Whilst listening to one particular life coach, it dawned on me that I had been helping and guiding people for the last 27 years from behind the chair in my hairdressing career. Life coaching is what I want to do! This is what I NEED to do! I knew in my heart that this was my true purpose.

So here I am, ready to help you transform your life and re-invent your future...

Tanya Jones Mindset & Well-being Life Coach
Benefits of life coaching

Benefits Of Coaching

~You finally get to decide what you want

~Your life will become more balanced

~You'll be encouraged to stretch yourself

~You'll overcome whatever is holding you back

~You'll solve issues you didn't know you had

~You'll get an unbiased opinion with no judgement

~You'll be held accountable

~You'll raise your standards

~You'll have your very own cheerleader

~You'll gain a new zest for life

~You'll regain your confidence and purpose

~You'll benefit from 1-1 attention

Mindset Matters

How we develop our mindset can greatly influence how we achieve our goals, live our lives and become successful in everything we do.

Our mindset is made up of our attitude, opinions, mood, mental health and beliefs. It is how we feel about ourselves and the world round us, and it is our mindset which influences how we deal with whatever life throws at us. Our mindset sees us approach situations with positivity and enthusiasm, or negativity and anxiety.

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you rest your head at night, it is all about MINDSET.


Everything is up to YOU.


Your emotions, your thoughts, your perception, your reactions.


Every moment. 



Working on and improving your wellbeing takes time, but is totally worth it!

Wellbeing is how we feel regarding our health, happiness and prosperity. It includes our mental health, how satisfied we feel in our day-to-day life, and our sense of purpose and meaning. It is something we all need, as it includes positive things suchas feeling happy, healthy, content and purposeful.

Wellbeing comes from our own thoughts and actions, so is well within our control. When we think positively, we tend to have a happier wellbeing.

There are five main areas of wellbeing, and if all of them are functioning well, they will build a positive, happy state of wellbeing.

~ Emotional wellbeing

~ Physical wellbeing

~ Social wellbeing

~ Workplace wellbeing

~ Societal wellbeing

The more we work on our wellbeing, the more resilient we become and the easier it becomes to bounce back and move forwards.

Coaching Offerings

Mindset & well-being life coach -Image by Elizeu Dias

Believe you can and you're halfway there

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